Short-Term Trips

View all the short-term trips coming up. If you’re planning a short-term trip with your church let Denn know. Contact

  Brazil Lake Cuba – Work Team 2019 October
  Dartmouth Haiti – Babaco & La Gonave 2019 March 26-April 9
  Fredericton-Corbett Costa Rica TBA
  Fredericton-Crosspoint Cambodia TBA
  Fredericton-Crosspoint Czech Republic TBA
  Fredericton-Crosspoint Haiti (Community Outreach) TBA
  Fredericton-Crosspoint Haiti (Work Team) TBA
  Fredericton-Crosspoint New York TBA
  Fredericton-Journey Croatia TBA
  Fredericton-Journey Haiti TBA
  Fredericton-Journey Honduras TBA
  Fredericton-Journey Slave Lake TBA
  Houlton Haiti La Gonave 2019 April 6-13
  Kentville Brazil 2018 November
  Lower Brighton Dominican Republic 2019  January 15-22
  River Valley Guatemala 2020 March
  Woodstock Haiti 2019 March 9-18